Teaching you and your staff to establish and maintain native plant communities

Private Lands

Private lands: personal and commercial

Living or working next to nature gives you the opportunity to walk, exercise, decompress or just take in the views.

You can stand back and watch it grow. Over time, however, branches and thatch gradually build up, blocking the view, choking off native grasses and wildflowers, creating a fire hazard along with weeds like thistle and poison oak.

To keep a country property safe and usable, you need to replace some of the cleanup work that nature used to do itself, but no longer can.

At Eco-Management, we advise you and your maintenance crew how to identify problems and opportunities. We show you how to gain the most benefits and safety with the least amount of cost and effort.

Each landowner has their own private park. It is usually just a matter of enhancing and expressing what is already there.

You have the staff. We show you how.